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During these trying times, many “non” essential businesses have been asked to close their doors to help combat the spread of the  Corona Virus. Doing so has caused hardship on our employees and their families.
We have setup a Go Fund Me page to offset their lost wages during this period.

Please help them by making any donation you can by Clicking on this link.

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Jackson’s Roadhouse in Clovis, CA is a historical landmark tavern that serves a wide range of food and drinks and also offers live music entertainment. We are the area’s best country roadhouse bar that is a favorite among the locals including bikers for good drinks, great food and outstanding live music. New owners, Kelly and Brian Hillman,  offer personalized attention and friendly service. Visit us and enjoy yourself in our welcoming tavern.


We had a wonderful conversation with Kim Bishop Burk from the organization “Riding 4 a Reason” today. Their organization is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization that has a long history of helping families financially during a devastating illness or loss.

However, during these unprecedented times, they are doing some other things related to supporting those ESSENTIAL workers on the front lines at Sierra Valley Rehab in Porterville which has been devastated by an outbreak of COVID-19 where approximately 50% of their 120 patient elderly care and post operative care facility has tested positive.

In an effort to conserve their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), much of the staff will forgo leaving the facility for lunch or dinner breaks so they do not have to waste what they are wearing. This is a sacrifice than many will understand but any more will not.

Kim and her organization have been working diligently to raise funds to have 1 meal per day brought in for each employee per shift (2 shifts as I understand it). This equates to about 50 meals served per day. They additional benefit here is the small restaurant owners in the area who has had his business destroyed by the closures are also able to glean some much needed revenue from this generosity.

We would like to thank Kim and her fellow riders with Riding 4 a Reason for their hard work to provide some relief, and support to their beneficiaries, and we would like to help them in not just this, but in their goal expand their philanthropy to other convalescent care facilities in the Tulare Co. area which had been inordinately impacted by this terrible virus.

For More information on this issue, the organization and what they do, please visit: https://riding4areason.info/ or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/riding4areason.info/